Step back in the era of Prohibition, illegal speakeasies and bathtub gin; of gangsters and silent film stars. Hot Jazz was sweeping the country and hemlines were rising with the heat.

Tonight your guests have an invitation to the best joint in town!

Guests will find themselves at the entrance of the "The Cotton Club"...the swankiest joint in town. As they arrive, they are greeted by the club owner, Dutch Schultz, his right-hand man Big Frenchy, and Dutch's moll Mia Mooch. Each female guest is given a string of pearls and each male guest an armband as they enter. The cast of incredible improvisational/comedic actors, including a cigarette girl and newsboy, will mingle with your guests throughout the evening.


The focal point is the stage as guests enter the ballroom.  It is decorated with magnificent black and silver glittered Art Deco backdrop, measuring 20' wide. The stage is flanked by black and white cut-outs of flappers standing eight feet tall.  On other walls are white diamond dusted Art Deco palm trees, black and white globe-style street lamps and silk ficus trees. Our claw-foot bathtub is used to hold punch, rather than the illegal gin served in the prohibition era.


Guests place bets on their favorite horses as they watch the races on a 6' x 8' screen.  In front of the screen is classroom seating with authentic bankers lamps on the tables. Cashier windows are provided to take your guests bets and a chalk oddsboard lists the horses in each race and their odds.


All night we provide the fabulous talent of Baby Face McGriff, the best jazz era pianist in town. Accompanying Baby Face is the ever-so-talented Mia Mooch, who will serenade your guests with her beautiful voice. From the stage in the main ballroom a 1920's style singer in period evening wear entertains, and making a special appearance is Big Frenchy Demage - leading the crowd in a rousing rendition of "Minnie the Moocher."


Twice during the evening three Keystone Kops in full costume raid the event.  Each time, guests help the casino dealers cover the casino tables with dining table tops to look as if they are having dinner. The third time, the guests are caught gambling and the club is closed. The Kops arrest Dutch and his gang and lead them out in handcuffs. The Kops can then auction off prizes "confiscated" in the raid.


Guests will also be entertained by two period look-a-likes such as Mae West, W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy - who will mingle, sign autographs and pose for pictures with your guests. A photographer with Polaroid camera is provided to take pictures of your guests as souvenirs.